An MBE/WBE/DBE and Texas HUB Certified Brand & Web Development company.

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Brand Development

This includes Logos, Business Cards and Letterhead

Using your logo on your website is brand management!

Business Cards

  • Professional
    Be taken more seriously with consistent use of your professional designed logo.
  • Personalize
    Brand development is for both individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations.
  • Corporate
    Give off a corporate perception to those in upper management and amongst your peers.
Industry Standard

Website Integration

  • Consistent
    End unrecognizable, non-professional business presentations.
  • Integrity
    Show your peers and customers you mean business, serious inquiries only.
  • Competitive
    Have a higher level than your competitors with a more professional look.
Corporate Perception

Artist Development

Indie Artists have to build a solid foundation, both administratively and in image presentation. Professional presentation, either in person or online, must carry the same weight as major label artists, which can make successful gravitation of fan easy. Our goal is to help artists establish:

Publishing Image

Website EPK

Artist EPK on Website

Marketing Strategies

Marketing a business requires complete branding, imaging and product offering satuation across all mediums, using any type of data display that directs a consumer to that business, a product or specfic line of products.

Our marketing strategies include cross-promotions amongst social networks, direct eMail marketing, print and radio. Consistent use of branding allows consumers to become comfortable with your company products. Providing goodies, discounts and loyalty subsidies help in retaining consumers already reached and are encouraged for implementation with your plans.

eMails Social Networks Postcards

Event Coordination

From idea to show date we can help you manifest your conference, event or fundraiser. Our coordinating services include graphic designing, e-ticketing, promotions, on-site registrations, event booking and contracting.

  • Small Businesses
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Individual Achievements
  • Musicians/Bands
Event Flyers

  • Needed for Websites
  • Use on Business Cards
  • Establish Company Letterhead
  • Manage on Social Networks